Hello! I'm Erik Lautier, founder of Erik & Co.​ I've spent the last two decades in roles of increasing responsibility over ecommerce and marketing at brands like Lacoste, Bebe, and Francesca's, where I served as EVP Ecommerce and Chief Marketing Officer until 2019.


In 2020, I founded Erik & Co, an ecommerce and marketing consultancy serving seven and eight-figure DTC brands, retailers, and/or their private equity owners. Our clients are companies that might be hard-pressed to find all that we can offer in one individual, or may not have the P&L to build out a team; we do what they need at a higher level and a lower cost than a full-time employee, and the greatest compliment we've been paid is that we have yet to take on an initial consulting project that did not lead to a long-term assignment or repeat engagement. Suffice it to say that our clients are seeing enormous value in the services we provide.

If you're one of these companies, we should talk.